We had a great time and experience with Charley.   Unfortunately we did
not have any paranormal encounters.   Maybe next time.   High praise for
Charley as she was very imformative and did a great job.   Thank you
so much for setting this tour up! -- Wendell and Judy

We enjoyed the tour very much, super creepy.   The story of Miss Myrtle
Knox is very haunting, makes a great eerie and historic experience.
I was quite impressed with the Spirit Box and am already scoping them
out on Amazon.   Thank you for a wonderful time! -- Lori

I attended the depot spirit box tour last night, Halloween.   While there,
someone caressed my hair causing my scalp to tingle and itch.
My wolf pin was also messed with causing it to unclasp and
fall in my hand.   I asked the spirits who messed with my pin
as well as telling the guide and Marty my experience. -- Kimberly Underwood

10/11/2020 8 pm DARK TALES TOUR -- Very enjoyable tour, guide was a lot of fun!
Perfect evening for a ghost tour as well.   I will be back. -- Ben Miller

10/04/2020 7:30 PM AMERICAN HOTEL TOUR -- Hands down the best tour I have
done, period!    I highly recommend this tour! -- Daniel Vest

SPRING 2018 10-11 AM DEPOT/WHARF AREA -- While driving through the area
one morning, I heard a terrifying, loud, female scream.   So extreme and horrific,
that I stopped my car in an effort to assist someone in distress.    Certainly I
thought someone had been injuried, assaulted, in pain.   But no sign of any
such individual around.   I asked someone passing by if they knew what
was going on, if they had heard the screams.   They replied no as did a
few other people I questioned.    Its like no one heard if but me.
So real and unnerving. -- Marcus Kline

10/23/2020 DEPOT TOUR -- We wanted let you know on our tour when our
tour guide started talking about the train fire and crash, my husband, son
and I could smell smoke (wasn’t cigarette smoke) for about 2-3 minutes.
   We all looked at each other at same time when smelling it.
Then the smell was gone. -- Kimberly Siever

10/25/2020 7:30 PM AMERICAN HOTEL TOUR -- When I was in the basement and
you started talking about children I swear I felt a double tug on the bottom of
my sweat shirt.    I thought it was my wife trying to get my attention but when
I looked down there was too much space between us for her to do that.
Have you or your team had any of these same experiences there?

Also when my daughter was walking into the basement, she said she
heard someone whisper in her ear get out. -- Kevin Childers

10/31/2021 7:30 PM AMERICAN HOTEL TOUR -- When I was in the basement and
I sensed the presence of an individual standing beside me, slightly behind me.
I then felt someone touch me, no one was there that I could visibly see.
I called out during our spirit box session who was beside me. -- Nathanael

07/15/2023 8:00 PM DARK TALES AND HAUNTS TOUR -- When my husband and I
arrived at the depot station with our group, I felt something pull at my arm and
rub my butt. Whatever it was, it kept pulling at my arm. It was not my husband
nor was anyone in the group near me.       Katie

Ghosts of Staunton comment -- Shortly after this occurance, we had to cancel the
tour due a thunderstorm in the area. Do thunderstorms increase paranormal
activity? You might say so in this case.